Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Photographs by David Bacon
The Nation, 3/30/16

In a craft factory on the highway to the coast from Hanoi, a worker polishes a stone statue. (Photos by David Bacon)

A welder carries his tank of gas in a rig on the side of his motorbike, with his other equipment behind the seat.

A man makes keys for the omnipresent motorscooters on the sidewalk.

At 4 AM in the Long Bien Market, vegetable sellers pick up their produce for the day from farmers bringing it in from the countryside. Two women carry theirs in a sling hanging from bamboo poles.

Two vegetable sellers sort their produce early in the morning, before loading it on their bicycles.

Construction workers on scaffolding built from a combination of metal pipes and bamboo.

Bui Anh Tuyet (left) is in charge of reader relations for the Lao Dong newspaper, and Nguyen Thi Huyen (right) is a young education reporter. Tuyet receives and answers e-mails and letters from readers, and answers the hotline that receives 10-15 calls from readers every day.


A woman has a manicure given by a roving manicurist who works on the street.

At the end of the workday in the Dong Xuan Market, a woman in a clothing stall can't quite keep her eyes open.


A woman who works in a small clothing store carries the cloth for new garments purchased in the Dong Xuan Market.

A street seller with her chestnuts.

A street seller wheels her bicycle with its load of oranges.

By the railroad tracks in central Hanoi a woman begins cooking the meals she'll serve to her customers at lunchtime in her sidewalk cafe.

Nguyen Thi Binh was a fisherman, and now rows boats for tourists, taking them through the floating village that was her former home in Ha Long Bay.


The May 10 garment factory has a school on the grounds, where this teacher tries to keep order in her classroom.

A construction worker carries rebar to a building project in Sapa, a town in the mountains near China in a region where most people belong to the Hmong and Zhao national minorities.

Hanoi's streets are filled with motorbikes, many like taxis on two wheels. One driver relaxes on his bike, reading the paper, waiting for a fare.


A Hanoi city worker cuts apart the tree branches trimmed from trees overlooking the street.

Two Hanoi city workers arrange the flowers into a display in Lenin Park.

The engineer of the night train waits to leave on the run from Hanoi to Lao Cai, in the mountains near the Chinese border.

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